What is it?

I have always been fascinated with the art of writing. I have penned a few proses and poetry many years ago, because I like the way words play with one another to create something beautiful.

Inspiration hits me everytime, but there have always been countless reasons to slack off. Even if I don’t want to reason anymore, one way or another I don’t get to sit down and do it as often as I want to.

I have resorted to collecting pens and notepads instead.

Then here comes a group of 7 musicians and artists who actually went out of their comfort zone to share their music and message to the whole world. One way or another they have found me when I needed inspiration the most – not just in writing but in life.

Today is one of those days where I am clamouring for motivation, and RM’s Mono has given me the vibe to go with the flow. “When it rains, it pours.”

In whatever we do, we need the inspiration to get out of bed each day and we need the motivation to get things done. May the motivation be more money for savings or travel, professional recognition, etc.. only you can tell.

One take away I re-realized in stanning BTS is “you do you”; to find your own voice; find what motivates you because nobody else can feed you that.

BTS music has been my inspiration. It will be a constant journey to know what motivates me, but I know there’s no deadline. I have yet to find my own goldmine, and this letter is my constant reminder to keep moving.

What keeps you going?

What motivates you?


Autumn Feels

First week of September kicks in. Too early to tell, but autumn is just around the corner.

September is a special month. For one, it is my daughter’s and my birthday month. Also the birthday month of 2 members of the greatest artist we admire – Jungkook and RM of #BTS. The air as well becomes cooler, and there’s the anticipation of year-end celebrations – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. Back home, radio stations may have started playing Christmas songs already.

Yet, the change of season brings a tantamount of emotions too. Some people like it, some people don’t. I, for one, feel melancholic, and I always long for self reflection and self-love more often this time of the year. There is this beautiful paradox in the changing of colors – in seeing different hues of orange, red, and brown, and in the way the leaves fall off branches. I have just felt at peace with the sound of cicadas, and I will have to bid them goodbye soon.

I have seen foliage of green and autumn leaves on the ground already. I feel that the air has been lighter yet musky all of a sudden. I don’t hear the cicada’s song as much anymore. Moreso, I may have shed involuntary tears…

What about you, does the change of season affect your mood? How do you deal with it?

A BTSmusic might help..

Ferrari World adventure on Ramadan

Seven days into the Holy Month of Ramadan, more or less 23 days more to go.

Being someone new to that custom, I am amazed by its effect even to expats living in the Middle East. Everybody has to  take part, one way or another. 

We braved a day at Abu Dhabi Ferrari World last Friday, 10th of June. At around 11:30 midday after a 2-hour bus ride from Dubai, we were inside already and lining up for the famous Flying Aces ride. Afterwhich we tried all other rides, pausing only to dream of food since all food stalls and restos are closed.

When we took pity on our growling stomachs, we went to Yas mall with high hopes that we can grab a bite or something. Luckily, the food court was serving food but was blocked out from the outside.

We went back inside Ferrari world just when Iftar started to try the Scuderia car simulation game. It wasn’t anything like the Karting experience, but I still had fun. By this time, there were twice or thrice the number of people inside the park compared to the crowd in the afternoon. 

We, who are not used to the fasting, may find this agonizing. We only endured 6 hours of that Friday in Ferrari world with zero or a little intake of food, but what about those who fast for the whole month?

Well, fasting is not just to deprive oneself of eating. This is more of cleansing and purifying the body, and together with prayers and meditation will cleanse the soul.

Just as in other cultural customs and religious traditions, what Ramadan teaches me is to always respect what others believe in. If one lives in a country that practices Ramadan, try to be conscientious as well in your actions and in your words.You may also try to take part in the fasting, but just make sure that you understand the whole idea of the sacrifice.

“Ripple effect”

I took this picture sometime back, and it reminds me of one of my life mantras.

Just like in the movie, Inside Out, we have bubbles of memories and emotions that dictate how we deal with our daily lives. All these bubbles, no matter how singular and separate and volatile, make up how we see our world.

We choose which of the bubbles must surface – which must come afront, which to keep, or which to burst. 

All of us have our own share of burdens, but how to deal with them is within our grasp. We have the power to nourish the bubble that tells us, “this too shall pass”, or “this too will make me stronger”.

Our life is in our hands. We choose the standpoint of our happiness, and we certainly affect the people we deal with everyday with the bubble of our energy.

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“Take care of this planet, coz only this planet has you”

I saw a part of that tagline in a pizza parlor, saying this is the only planet that has pizza. I just had to borrow it because it rings true for all of us who care about our families and the next generation’s future.

Even in our small ways, we can make a difference.



Don’t wait for a tomorrow that is yet too soon… As I wrote 4 years ago…

We do not count the number of friends we have

Not the quantity but the quality.

For us with “8-5” jobs, having good colleagues is great but creating friendship with colleagues is even better. Friends can take away the boredom of counting the hours til end of work and counting the days til weekend.


Today is one of those days when one might feel off because a friend and a colleague has left the company, but the emptiness seems shallow because the camaraderie remains and chatrooms busy.

So this is simply”see you around”. 😃😃


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